Whoever has visions should go to the doctor.

The former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt already knew that.


Our vision is not only to plant 450 million trees, we need a global rethinking of the way we use land. A disruptive change in global eating habits offers huge potential to stop the mass extinction of species and the climate crisis.

As the latest documentary – Eating our way to extiction – produced by Kate Winslet, clearly states:

“A Cinematic Feature Documentary that blows open the lid on the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.”


We have to stop closing our eyes to this huge global problem and finally start a rethink.


The European Union wants to plant 3 billion additional trees until 2030.
Together with our partner Climatree we started this campaign to reach the goal of 450 million trees until 2025.

Responsibility vs. solution potential.


Did you know that agriculture is responsible for about 15-30% of the CO2 emissions but has a 100% potential to solve the CO2 problem? We just need to plant the right trees and build other CO2 sinks!

Together with our partner Climatree we developped following vision:

The letters of CLIMA form our most important goals and steps.

By far the 2 biggest problems facing humanity over the next few decades are the climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis. Solving both we need to reach 2 ultimate goals:



Carbon Removal and Living Environment Protection

Carbon removal means that we have to remove carbon from the atmosphere. It does not belong in the air in the form of CO2, but bound in the form of biomass and life. Carbon is the most important building block of life. That means we have to protect and actively build up our habitats with all their biodiversity and diversity. The better we protect the living environment, the more CO2 is bound in the form of biomass the more carbon is removed from the atmosphere.


To reach these goals we need following disruptive changes:



Meat Consumption Reduction and Agriculture Revolution


Both changes are very dependent on each other. We have an agriculture world-wide that requires far too many resources (land, water, soil). The main reason is too much meat consumption. The supply, which is far too high and also too cheap, naturally leads to high consumption and vice versa. Actively changing both would have huge potential for everyone involved and would ultimately not only solve the climate and biodiversity crises, but also many other important problems.


To reach the goals we are in the middle of these 4 terms and try to acceleratethese disruptive changes with:



Innovation and Initiatives


Our contribution to innovation is a platform that completely digitalizes the process of planting trees.

Our contribution to initiatives are concrete reforestation campaigns, like plantatree.eu.