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450 million people = 450 million trees

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We start the planting in April 2022! REGISTER NOW and inform us about how many trees you want to plant! Your pre-registration will help us to find more partners for reaching our goal of 450 million trees. You can also join our team, write us your own ideas or contact us if you want to promote the campaign:

What makes the campaign unique and innovative.

We consider everything what is important for planting a tree and unite all the information and functionality in one app. The fully transparent information delivered by the users during growing trees will help scientists and people around the world to optimize the planting progress. This makes a huge contribution to climate and environmental protection.

Basis functionality is that every user can save the planted trees in a profile, upload pictures and register the location of the trees on a map.



1) Growing instead of planting.


Problem: It is normal for tree planting initiatives that not all trees survive. Some have really bad survival rates of 10% or less.


Our solution: By following the right measures, one can greatly increase the survival rate of the seedlings. You can find instructions for this in our app and ultimately every user can enter whether their tree or trees have survived. This also ultimately gives us precise and transparent statistics of what percentage of the planted trees survive.


2) Measuring the growth and thus the CO2 compensation.


Problem: Tree planting campaigns do not deliver any data about the growth speed of trees. It is hard to get information about this but it would be really important in order to optimize which tree species we plant at which location. Furthermore we could find out how big the potential for fighting the climate change with the help of trees is.


Our solution: We integrate tools in our app, where every user can measure his own or other trees. For example, once a year. With the help of photos or by measuring the height and diameter, the growth rate and thus also the CO2 uptake can be determined.



3) Calculating the albedo effect.


Problem: Many tree planting initiatives do not take into account the albedo effect. However, this has a huge impact on the climate. Trees darken the surface of the landscape. In winter in particular, this has a huge impact in snowy areas because, unlike in tree-free areas, there is no white blanket of snow.


Our solution: We are building a function into our app that uses satellite images, hours of sunshine, days of snow and other data to calculate the effects of the changed albedo caused by the planting of trees. The negative effects are compared with CO2 compensation. This gives you the crucial information about how much CO2 has to be compensated per year in order to beat the negative albedo change at all.



4) Increasing the biodiversity.


Problem: Many reforestation initiatives don’t care about biodiversity. They destroy natural non-forest ecosystems (swamps, moors, natural grassland, etc.) or use invasive species that displace other native species.


Our solution: The greatest potential for afforestation is in the form of agroforestry systems and also on pasture areas. Around half of all pasture areas worldwide were once forests before humans destroyed these natural habitats for keeping livestock. Our app also informs about actions how to increase the biodiversity. Most important: We integrate a functionality to measure the biodiversity. With the help of the camera and Artificial Intelligence everyone can identify the different species before and after trees are planted and so we can deliver important statistics how the planting of trees affect the biodiversity.



5) Fighting the forest leakage problem.


Problem: Tree planting campaigns make no sense if more is being deforested in other places at the same time. But that is the reality in 2021. Despite the climate crisis, the Amazon and other areas are destroyed at record speed.


Our solution: Much too much meat consumption is the main reason for the worldwide destruction of forests. Many are not aware that a third of the world’s land area is now used for keeping livestock and only 3% of the biomass of all land mammals are wild animals, the rest are livestock and humans. A change to a more plant-based diet would not only create habitats for wild animals again and thereby increase biodiversity, but above all this change would also create space for trees. An important point of our initiative is to provide information in this area as well, as there is an incredible amount of ignorance in the majority of the population.

Join our team.

Whoever has visions should go to the doctor.

The former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt already knew that.


Our vision is not only to plant 450 million trees, we need a global rethinking of the way we use land. A disruptive change in global eating habits offers huge potential to stop the mass extinction of species and the climate crisis.

As the latest documentary – Eating our way to extiction – produced by Kate Winslet, clearly states:

“A Cinematic Feature Documentary that blows open the lid on the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.”


We have to stop closing our eyes to this huge global problem and finally start a rethink.

The European Union wants to plant 3 billion additional trees until 2030.
Together with our partner Climatree we started this campaign to reach the goal of 450 million trees until 2025.

Klick and read more about our long-term vision here!

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There are many interesting facts about climate change and biodiversity loss and there are a lot of solutions how to stop these crises. Help us to speak more about these topics and spread the message via social and classic media!

Did you know that just 3% of all mammals are wild animals? Read more…
Did you know that 1/3 of the worldwide land usage is for producing animal products? Read more…

Did you know that we can feed 80 billion livestock animals but not 8 billion people? Read more…
Did you know that because of the albedo effect planting trees is not useful everywhere? Read more…
Did you know that there are trees growing that fast that you can harvest them after 10 years and use them as building material for a lot of products? Read more…

Did you know that Europe half of the forest area in Europe was destroyed during the last 3000 years? Read more…

Did you know that the rain forest is not the lung of the earth? Read more…

Did you know that we just need to plant 0.6 per cent of the land for livestock to compensate all annual flight emissions? Read more…

Did you know that agriculture is responsible for about 15 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions? But why don’t we speak more about how much land is used? And how many trees could be planted there to compensate 100% of the emitted CO2. Read more…

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